MV 600

Compact & essential but robust and reliable at the same time, it uses a fully automatic positioning system with the best technology in DVB-S2.

Numerical CNC machined cast aluminum base incorporates bronze gears and worms in cemented steel. Movements of centesimal precision are achieved in the most complete silence thanks to the use of an automotive motor powered by IP68 micro-switches with gold contacts. An all-weather resistant cover, combined with anodized aluminum details will keep this mechanical heart safe, ensuring maximum durability over time without any maintenance to give you great satisfaction during your vacation.

Technical data sheet MV 600

Satellite dish

Offset type

Research system

Fully automatic NID recognition according to DVB-S EN 300 468 specifications with DVB S2 tuner

Satellite’s sets for 2P versions depending on the country types

Hotbird 13 E – Astra 19 (Germany – Italy) Hispasat – Astra 19 (

Spain) Astra 19 – Atlantic bird 5W (France) Astra 19 -Astra 23.5

(Belgium Holland) Astra 28 -Astra 19 (England)


12 V DC -20 + 30%

Current consumption

2 Amps max

Current absorbed in standby



8 kg

Protective fuse


Closed dimensions

(WxHxH) 605 mm x 610 mm x 190 mm


Additional information


8 kg


66.6 x 61 x 19 cm



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Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 66.6 x 61 x 19 cm

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