09 Jan 2017
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From the 4th January 2017, the reference transponder for Hotbird 13E has been changed, and therefore all our satellite’s software need to be updated to get back to work.

The software is free and available for all our customers using a Windows PC (for convenience, a portable PC is recommended) the ASR Antenna Tool (version 1.0.6) is available on our partner’s web site www.srmecatronic.com in the download page.


The new firmware database, which can be used by ASR Antenna Tool 1.0.6, is available from 1/6/2017.

For those who have already downloaded and installed version 1.0.6, simply update the firmware database by clicking on the lower left button that represents a cloud.

In other cases, such as the first use or earlier versions of the ASR Antenna Tool software, download and install version 1.0.6 and then update the firmware database by clicking on the lower left button that represents a cloud.

To perform any installation and upgrades, follow the instructions that the program suggests from time to time via pictures and text messages.


1) To connect the Ma-Ve control box to the computer, you must also have a standard USB cable type A + B, such as the type used for connecting a printer.

2) The program can only be used to update plastic box cases and if you are not able or want to do so, our dealers with authorized service centers will be at your disposal. For metal boxes, the upgrade can only be carried out at our dealers with authorized service centers.

We’ve also created a video that you can find on YouTube to make software updating easier. Forgive the mistakes we made on this video as we were “hurried and anxious” to upload it as quickly as possible.

We remind all our customers that the software is free but not the workforce, so there may be a charge from the sales network for the time it takes.

However, although apologizing for the inconvenience, we reiterate that this problem does not depend on Ma-Ve or the sales and service network. The transponder update is part of the normal operation of automatic pointing systems.



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